Julian Cubillos is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer living in Brooklyn, New York.

Born during a thunderstorm in Los Angeles in the Year of Our Lord 1991, Julian spent his formative years listening to X, watching Beauty and the Beast and eating an excess of Gardetto's Baked Snacks. His body is comprised of mostly minerals from these snacks.

He studied jazz guitar at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and at UCLA before relocating to New York City in 2013.

Julian has been making home recordings since age nine. His records Youth (2010), Grand Prize (2012), Evil (2015) and In Heaven (2018) are available online and at select fine retailers around the US.

When he is not drinking coffee and staring into the void, Julian can be found playing a part in the varied musical ventures of others.

He currently performs around NYC with his band. He loves them very much.

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